Why is My Dog Licking Me Constantly!

dog licking me constantly

Do you ask yourself “Why is that darn dog licking me constantly?”

Every fur baby owner knows what this one’s like. Some days, no matter what you do or try, the dog keeps on.  Pretty soon you are humming the mantra “why is my D@!&m dog licking me constantly?”  And Licking and licking…




This Dog Licking Me Constantly is Driving me NUTS!  Why why why?

There can be many reasons a dog keeps licking you.  Broadly, they boil down to four options.  Which one depends on you, your dog and circumstances, so you’ll have to make the final decision yourself.

That said, below are four options, and a brief overview of how to decide which one may be motivating your dog.  Also, we’ve got some ideas that may help you get a handle on your dog’s licking.

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