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Why I Love My Old Dog

old dog napping Love my old dogComing home to an old dog is a special kind of joy.

They may not always greet you at the door bursting with excitement like they did when they were young, but the sound of their tail hitting the floor at the sight of you will leave you with no doubts that seeing you come home is one of the highlights of their day.  They love you and you will always think “I Love my old dog.”


tired old dog Love my old dog

An old dogs more relaxed and mellow disposition is ideal after a long day‘s work when you just want to go home, rest and, unwind, their less likely to want you to play with them than to want to lay on the couch with you and take a nap.  This is another time when you just cuddle and think “I Love my old dog.”

 dog on couch Love my old dog

We don’t need scientists to tell us that our dog enriches our lives.  We just ask our fur-buddy.

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Do you think “I Love my old dog” several times every week?

Click here to read about how to extend your old dog’s lifespan.


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