Updated -Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs Do Their Part

Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs

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UPDATE:  This article was written the day after the shooting.  Since the Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs, mostly Therapy Dogs from around the country have converged on Orlando to provide support for those in shock and grieving.  Relatives, significant others, friends and First Responders all receive support.   At the bottom of the article their is a Video showing some of the ongoing support.  The image below is Mattie, one of those dogs.

Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs

Mattie – One of the Therapy Dogs Headed for Orlando

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During the hours and days after the Orlando Massacre,  a wide variety of service providers will be hard at work   Some are First Responders, like the Police Officers who were able to stop the gunman.  Others were Responders who carried out a wide variety of tasks to make sure that the shooting wasn’t part of a larger plan.  Some of those Responders had four feet.  They are various kinds of help for victims of the Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs are doing their part in Orlando.

K9 Service Dogs and Their Handlers Lead the Way

Emblem 2 on police car Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs

Emblem on Orlando Police K9 Units.

Searching-for-Suspects-with-dogs-C Service Dogs in Orlando Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs Stewart More Tweet Bomb Dogs after Orlando Massacre Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs

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This Twitter  image from Steward Moore shows one of the K9 unit dogs as they checked for threats.  From what we understand they were used in at least three ways  1) Check for bombs after the gunman was killed, 2) check for others that might be part of the attack and 3) check places like the Hospital that might be targets.  Here they were checking for threats against the local hospital where the injured where taken and were being treated.  These dogs were on scene with the first wave of First Responders and with subsequent groups as the investigation and safety precautions spread from the original crime scene.  The service dogs in Orlando were quickly supplemented by K9 units from other cities and counties.

Bomb-Search-outside-ORMC- Service Dogs in Orlando Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs

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Here is another Twitter image.  This one from Bob Kealing, a local news reporter.  Again the K9 service dogs are seen checking the areas around the hospital.  While none of the images available today have the dogs near Club Pulse, we can rest assured that they were there checking for bombs as soon as it was possible to do so.  I didn’t say “as soon as it was safe to do so.”  What these dogs and their handlers do is not by any stretch of the imagination safe.

The K9 Units were not the only service dogs on duty early during this crisis.

Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs Help the Emotionally Wounded From Day One.

Therapy Dog - Orlando Sentinal-2016-06-13_02h00_16 Service Dogs in Orlando Orlando Tragedy- Service Dogs

(via Sentinel)

Therapy Dogs have been part of the response almost from the very first. On Sunday, the local newspaper reported that at least one therapy dog was already part of the growing support system being activated to help the survivors, significant others and family members of this tragic event.

Orlando Tragedy- Service Dog Roles In Days to Come

Various kinds of therapy dogs will undoubtedly be called into play.  Some will help with Post Traumatic Stress  (PTSD).  Others may be called on the help the wounded if their injuries resulted in any number of disabilities.  There is even a special unit to help children if they are called upon to testify in court.  We wrote about Karl, a deaf boxer service dog earlier.

The K9 dogs will continue to do what they do best, protect the lives our our police officers and all of us.

UPDATE:  Video About the Orlando Tragdy- Service Dogs Coming to Orlando


I think the Hashtags that are going around sum this up very well.  #PRAYERSFORORLANDO  nad #LOVEWINS.

I want to thank all of those who stand between us and terror, including the service Dogs in Orlando.

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