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To All The ‘Dog Flicks’ That Made Me Cry: A Movie Guide

Today, we’re talking about films that centered on dogs. ICYDK, dogs are not just man’s best friends – they’re also fantastic silver screen actors! (Give them their OSCARS too!) I know you’ve seen plenty of dog films like 101 Dalmatians, Lassie, A Secret Life of Pet, and Balto but I’d like to recommend these two movies that made cry a river of tears (no kidding).

A Tale of Mari and the Three Puppies (2007)

A Tale of Mari is a Japanese movie released last 2007. The film is in Japanese, but subtitles are provided, so you can absolutely understand the whole situation and cry a bucket.

The movie shares the story of Mari, a faithful Shibu Inu who helped save her adoptive ‘human’ family during the massive Chūetsu earthquake in 2004.

Plot: Mari lives with the Ishikawa family during the time of the earthquake (the family is composed of a grandfather, father, son, and a daughter). When the earthquake transpired, the grandfather and the daughter were trapped in their collapsed home – the two were badly hurt. Mari, being the only one who can help her adoptive family tried to seek help from military rescuers who were roaming the area looking for survivors of the earthquake.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2010)

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the name Hachiko and probably the story of a loyal Japanese Akita. The movie was based on his story. It stars Richard Gere and Joan Allen.

Plot: The movie shares the story of Hachi – an adorable Akita – owned by a university professor. The Akita got lost at the train station when it was still a pup and so Parker Wilson decided to take it home with him (with the intention of returning the pup to its rightful owner). The dog grew beautifully and the bonding between his adoptive family grew stronger too. Unfortunately, the professor died and Hachi, being unaware that his master will never return home kept waiting at the train station.

Share with us another tearjerker dog movie!

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