This Young Boy Is Willing To Give Up His Toys To Save His Service Dog – Inspiring!

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A young boy from Fairport, New York has recently organized a garage sale, selling all of his toys to help cover the treatment expenses of his service dog. The young boy is Connor and he is doing all he can to save his best bud – Copper – who also happens to be his service dog.

Connor is 10 years old and has been diagnosed in 2016 with ADHD, chronic headache disorder, PTSD, and anxiety resulting to nocturnal seizures. To help Connor, his mom Jennifer Jayne, got a service dog for him. They sought the help of a 4-year old Doberman – Copper – who is a certified service and emotional support dog. Copper became an integral part of Connor’s well-being. He is the first to notice when Connor has seizures and he’d alert Connor’s mom right away.

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With Copper being gentle and helpful, he and Connor instantly made a connection and become inseparable best buds. Unfortunately, last 2017, Copper started having problems walking. Veterinarians who checked the poor dog believed it was Wobbler’s Disease which badly affects the spines and the disc. The treatment was quite expensive, so, to help Copper get well immediately, Connor did the unthinkable – he cleaned his playroom and willingly sold his toys to cover the fees.

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“He went and cleaned out his entire playroom and because that’s what he wanted,” Jennifer said. “He said the dog was more important than any toys.”

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Currently, Copper is undergoing laser therapy that will greatly improve his mobility. The whole family, especially Connor is hoping for Copper’s speedy recovery.

Via BoredPanda

How far will you go to save your best pal?

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