Come Laugh at the Favorite Puppy Toy – the CAT!

Favorite Puppy Toy

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We’ve all heard the phrase “Fighting like Cats and Dogs” and we’ve also seen dogs who believe that all cats are “chasables.”  Here we are going to look at the other side.  Puppies believe cats are toys – self-winding toys at that.  Here we have a collection of images – most of them animated – showing fur-children with their favorite puppy toy – the cat!


Game 1 – The Face Nibble – Puppies LOVE it, purr-fersons – not so much. 🙂

Here.  I’ll help you clean your whiskers.

puppy nibbiling on cats face giphy

(via Giphy)

The kitty doesn’t look like he is enjoying this nearly as much as the puppy is.

Can’t you see I’m trying to eat here?

puppy nibbiling on cats ear while it tries to ead giphy

(via Giphy)

I think the pup knows a captive audience when he sees one. 


Hold Still Kitty – Your Ears  Need Cleaning.

puppy ear nibbiing a cat - giphy

(via Giphy)

“As soon as they turn the camera off, your clock will need cleaning, and I’m just the cat to do it.” 🙂

GAME 2 – We MAUL Our Toy.

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