The 10 Cutest Boxer Images That WILL Make You Want One!

Main-Did-not-make-the-cut-Sad-Puppy-Cutest Boxer Images

How do we find the Cutest Boxer Images.   We DON’T!  All we can do is find a large group on the Interest that have had people “vote” on them.  We are using Pinterest.  Each time a pinner decides to share an image with their follower, that counts as a vote.  So here we have the top 10 images as voted on by the Pinterest pinners.

We combed through over 200 pages of Cutest Boxer Images and here are the Top Dogs!

Before we start however, here are a couple that didn’t make the cut.  Since images that have been around the longest have the best change of getting repinned, these may make the cut sometime, maybe even sometime soon.

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1 Comment

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