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Start Your Wednesday With These Awesome Photos of Gomo – The Pup With Mickey Mouse Ears!

What’s the best thing that you could do start your Wednesday? By checking cute and adorable photos of dogs and puppies, of course!


With another full week coming up, we need something that can help boost our energy and motivation, and so, we’ve prepared something that will not just make you smile but help you have an awesome Monday.

Are you ready? Here’s a compilation of some of the most adorable photos of Goma – the Mickey Mouse dog. Goma, who lives in Tokyo, Japan, gained attention from dog lovers last year because of her unique ears.

Goma, which means sesame in Japanese is a cross between Papillon and Maltese breeds.

She’s one of those famous instadogs with more than 60k followers.

Isn’t she lovely and cuddly and fluffy?

What a perfect way to start the Wednesday!

Follow Goma now so you can enjoy her pawsome photos all day long. Yass!

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