Snoopy Dancing TGIF – It’s Smile-time Friday

Snoopy Dancing TGIF

(via Pinterest)

I’ll admit it!  I’ve love watching the Snoopy Dance – TGIF.

T.G.I.F  – This is something that we all say from time to time.  There are dozens of Peanut strips dedicated to the T.G.I.F theme.  Snoopy and the gang all seem to really LOVE Friday.

Snoopy dance TGIF

(via Pinterest)

Snoopy Dancing TGIF

(via Pinterest)

Snoopy Dancing TGIF

Among all the strips dedicated to TGIF, Snoopy and his TGIF Dance seem to capture the moment better than any of the rest.  Here we have a dozen versions of T.G.I.F happiness.

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