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Service Dog In Action – How A Loving Mutt Helps His Owner Overcome Panic Attacks

Dogs have always been gentle and compassionate animals. They love humans, and they’ve always showed concerned with whatever we are experiencing. And of course, among all the dogs, service dogs are unquestionably the most attentive when it comes to catering for the needs of their human companion. Afterall, they are trained professionally to help make our lives easier. Hats off to these amazing creatures!

Today’s story is about a hardworking service dog named Oakley who helped his owner Amber Aquart in her every day routine.

A few weeks ago, Aquart shared a poignant video of herself and her dog waiting in an airport. Oakley was lying down in the ground but he immediately get on his feet and goes to his owner, nuzzling at her face and hands. The reason why he did this was because Amber was suffering from a panic attack and he has sensed it right away. The trained mutt responded immediately to help descalate it. According to Amber, Oakley is trained to help her from her panic attacks.

“Both of my dogs are trained to interrupt panic attacks, however Oakley is my main service dog. He has been taught to pay attention to my breathing patterns, heart rate, and hands. If he notices a change, he is supposed to push my hands away from my face and try to get my attention onto him,” she added.

“My quality of life has been dramatically improved by having these dogs,” Amber admitted.

Oakley is part of the Pawsitive Development, a team created by Amber, a professional dog trainer, and her two adorable and trained dogs – Oakley and Tucker.

“Pawsitive Development was created to help educate and inspire others to develop a better relationship with dogs”

Watch the full video here:

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