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Sale of Non-Rescue Dogs & Cats Banned Permanently in Los Angeles 

Sale of Non-Rescue Dogs Banned


The Los Angeles City Council  voted 12 to 2 to make a temporary ban on the sale of non-rescue dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores permanent.   LA is now the largest city to have a ban on the sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits from commercial breeders.

Sale of Non-Rescue Dogs

A temporary ban initiated in 2013 was coming to and end, but LA City Council voted to make it a permanent ban instead.   This action was  in response to a concentrated push from animal activists in the area.   This doesn’t mean that people cannot buy animals from breeder, the can if they want to; however they will have to work with the breeder directly.   Retails stores cannot sell animals acquired from breeder.  They are only permitted to adopt out pets that come from shelters, humane societies and registered rescue groups. This new ordinance was designed to achieve three things:

  • It targets puppy mills who cut corners
  • It targets backyard breeders
  • It cuts down on the vast number of animals that the LA shelters must euthanize every year.

As with any ordinance like this, there was and is controversy.  Pet breeders and shop owners feel that the ordinance hurts their business.   Animal activists point out that among some breeder there is a common practice of inbreeding and corner cutting to hold the costs down.  For now the activists have won the day.

Los Angeles is not the only city to ban the sale of non-rescue animals. Click here to see a list of all the cities that have enacted similar retail pet sale ban.


Not that we are biased, but…..

Sale of Non-Rescue Dogs banned


LA hopes the ban on the sale of non-rescue dogs and cats will send a message to others cites.


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