RIP Diesel- HERO Police Dog Killed by Suicide Bomber in Paris

Diesel-French-Police-Dog-RIP Hero Police Dog

This is Diesel, a Paris police dog who was killed by a woman suicide bomber after the Paris Siege in November 2015.

This hero Police dog was killed during a Police raid that targeted the alleged mastermind behind the Paris terror attacks – Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

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DIESEL-FRENCH Police Dog RIP - Hero Police Dog

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Diesel, shown here with the French Flag,  was a seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd. dog, She was killed when the french police raided an apartment building in Saint-Denis

Here is a Tweet sent by Police National:

Tweet Hero Police Dog

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The Tweet roughly translated says: ” INFO] Diesel malinois 7 years assault of #RAID dog was killed by terrorists in the current operation”  (Diesel is not thought to be the dog in this image.)
A police department spokesman said that Diesel and other dogs like her are trained to assist on operations like the raid and that they are indispensable to the elite police units that use them. 
The police carried a series of operations Hero Police Dog

Police dogs play an indispensable role in the operations like the raid.

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The raid was made on an apartment where at least six jihadists were thought to be hiding.  Diesel was sent in first to assess the level of danger and this hero police dog probably saved the lives of several of the police officers.

Once the news became public, people on the Internet started Tweeting using the hashtag #Jesuisunchien (I’m a dog) to pay tribute to the hero police dog.  The hashtag went viral and many people paid their tribute to the pass

Diesel 2- 2016-05-11_19h53_42 Hero Police Dog

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One man tweeted:  “RIP Diesel the police dog killed in Paris tackling terrorists. Unsung heroes of police works #Paris”

Diesel 1- 2016-05-11_19h53_42 Hero Police Dog

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Diesel was killed by a woman suicide bomber

The raid was one of several carried out by the French Police following the horrific Terror Attacks in Paris.  At least two of the suspected terrorists have been killed in these police raids.


Hero Police Dog

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The raid was carried out by the French special forces team.
Diesel’s sacrifice meant that on police men were killed during the raid, but five police officers  suffered injuries during the operations.

The operation was a relatively large scale raid with a special SWAT team around the apartment and three truckloads of soldiers.

Diesel leading the operation Hero Police Dog

 Diesel, a hero police dog,  leading the operation. Source: Daily Mail

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The mastermind for the Paris Terrorist Attack was from Belgium.  Originally it was thought that he had fled to Syria.  It turned out that he was hiding in Paris in the building that was raided.  The terrorist barricaded themselves inside the apartment and resisted the Police with automatic gunfire.  There were at least seven large blasts during the standoff.  One of those blasts was the one that ended Diesel’s life.

Diesel and dogs like her and the Police who work with them are among the many heroes who work daily to make the world a safer place to live.  Rest In Peace Diesel – you were a true hero police dog.

We hope you were as touched as we were by this story about a true hero police dog – Diesel may she Rest In Peace.

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