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Rescued Stray Mother Dog Escapes To Find Her Puppies


Dog Escapes To Find Her Puppies

We all know that human mothers will put it all on the line to protect their children.  We’ve also heard about bears doing whatever it takes to protect their cubs.   Here is a story about a Border Collie mix.  The rescued dog escapes to find her puppies.   Finding her litter was more important than food and shelter.


“Dog mamas are very attentive to their young and, as any mother would, do their best to ensure the safety of their pups while the litter is too small to fend for themselves.

Though dogs are usually separated from their mothers as soon as they are able to be, they maintain a strong connection as mother and child.

Just take a look at this puppy who hasn’t seen her mother since she was very little. They immediately recognize one another and are so happy to be reunited. It’s so sweet to watch them interact with one another.”  (Source:   Allyson Souza)

In the video below you will meet Gypsy.  She was living on the street and obviously starving.  A local group rescued Gypsy, fed her, groomed her and gave her a warm place to rest an recuperate.   That wasn’t enough.  Gypsy knew that her puppies were still out there and that more more important than anything else.

Take a look at the short, heartwarming video where we see that the dog escapes to find her puppies.  It will make your day.


Love conquers all.  In this case it was a case of “Mother’s Love.”

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We hope you enjoyed our story about where the “Dog Escapes To Find Her Puppies”.

(H/T to  Allyson Souza and Little Things.  Featured Image from Little Things)

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