Pet Memorial – Zeke the Boxer Dog

A Pet Memorial for Zeke – a Boxer

Zeke with the look

                                          “The Look”

There are many ways to create a Pet Memorial for a lost four-legged family member.  Some involve stones, urns, jewelry or planting a tree.  None of those things “spoke to me.”  So I’ll simply tell the story of Zeke – a wonderful Boxer.

“Where’s the rope, Dope?”

Sometimes all it takes is one dog to make a permanent spot in your heart for an entire breed. Zeke did that for our family. Like most boxers, he was more silly than a barrel of monkeys, he bounced and wiggled his way into our hearts.  If you whispered “where’s the rope, dope?” he was off like a shot looking for a tug-of-war toy and “It Was On!” 

I know he is waiting and romping in the meadows at the base of the Rainbow Bridge.   Our family won’t have to look for him, he’ll come-a-running, doing the kidney bean dance and looking for something to put into his mouth.





zeke behind quilt

        Zeke – Checking to see if the rope might be back there 🙂

I don’t need a pet memorial to remember slobbery kisses, bouncing energy, and a love of tug-of-war. These are the things that will always stay with me from Zeke. A born counter surfer, he never found a plastic bag he didn’t like. Every few years we’d have to leave him a surprise, just to remind him it’s not polite to take other;’s things.

Wherever he went, Zeke had a game. In the back yard, it was chase the human. In the house, it was pull the rope. At dinner it was dance off!  Never was there a dull moment for this dog. Every one of those moments were met with jumping enthusiasm.  Not that he jumped on people, he just JUMPED!

You’re HOME!

It didn’t matter if you went on vacation or to the mailbox, Zeke gave you the same “Hallelujah!  You’re HOME!” butt wiggle, kidney bean dance and “I LOVE YOU!” message.  If he didn’t have something in his mouth, he would run and find something and then come charging back.  I have had many dogs who seemed to say ‘You are home to play with ME!”  Zeke always said: “I’m happy for YOU!” 

The Staple Gun

If my dad made a stone pet memorial for Zeke it would look like a staple gun. Here is why.  Zeke loved to sleep beside dad.  He would lay his head on Dad’s chest and contentedly snooze the night away.  There was no wiggling or hogging the bed.  It was all peaceful cuddles – unless Dad decided to get up.  Zeke’s head would get heavier and heavier and he tried to staple Dad to the bed.  It never worked, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

The Protector

While multiple rambunctious boys in the house and parents who liked to hug, Zeke had a problem.  “My people are holding each other and someone might get hurt!”  He would nudge, whine, bounce and do his best to get everyone separated.  He didn’t want to be part of the problem, but that hugging and tickling as “GOT TO STOP!”

The Kitty

We had a part German Shepard/ Part Chou at the same time we had Zeke.  The two were inseparable.  It was almost like they were one dog with eight legs.  On the other hand, Zeke’s best friend was a cat.  Zeke and Odyssey played, rubbed, stroked and cuddled.

Zeke and His Kitty Friend


Boxer Tails

Zeke likely once had a tail. I’m told it was cropped. But given how often he spent curled up like a bean, bouncing in happiness, I think he just ate it.

Either way, I’m sure he’s keeping things lively on the Rainbow Bridge, waiting to give us that Dance!

I hope you enjoyed our Pet Memorial.   (BTW Zeke inspired the Facebook Page Boxers – Children Forever.  You can visit us here.)


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We hope you enjoyed this article about Zeke’s Pet Memorial

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