My Memories – Kaye King Callaway’s Cookie

Waiting on the Rainbow Bridge

Cookie the Terrier

Cookie – Kaye’s Terrier

I Remember

I had a wonderful dog, a terrier named Cookie (1952 – 1967).

I had her from when I was 6 until my first born son was born. When she was a puppy, she was hit by a milk truck, breaking her leg, causing her to limp the rest of her life.  It never seemed to bother her and she brought so much joy into my life.

Cookie Was a Doll

At least I thought so. 🙂 I dressed her up in my doll clothes and painted her nails red. My father would walk her every night around the block, past the home where the owner of this website lived as a boy…as long as we lived on Euclid Avenue.

I drew a picture of her in ink and water color, which my parents framed. I still have it.

A Major Part of My Life

I could say so much more, she was such an integral part of our family.




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