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Look: Top Five Winners of 2018’s Best Dog Photos

It’s no secret that dogs are among the most photogenic creatures ever. They are just so cute, well-poised, and playful making them the perfect subject for photo ops. And because of that, the Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year was created to showcase stunning and “pawsome” photos of cute dogs.

For 2018, the Dog Photographer of the Year just last July 16 and of course, we can’t help but swoon over those amazing dog photos! The contested has several categories for photographers to participate including “Dog Portrait”, “Dogs at Play,” and even “Young Pup Photographer.”

Today, we’ve showcased the top five winners in different categories. Are you ready? Here they are:

#1: Dog Photographer Of The Year 2018 Overall Winner And Oldies Category 1st Place Winner
Title: ‘The lady of the mystery forest’
Photographer: Monica Van Der Maden, Netherlands
Dog: Noa, Great Dane

This picture was made in the early morning in the forest. I wanted to photograph her in a position where she was sitting relaxed next to a tree. When I wanted to make the shot she turned her head to the left to her owner and this was the moment where you could see her soul. Dogs come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. But their heart are all the same filled with love’ – Monica van der Maden

#2 Dogs At Play Category 1st Place Winner
Title: I’ll catch you’
Dog: Lili, Pomeranian
Photographer: Elinor Roizman, Israel

‘This particular photo was taken in the beach just before sunset. I shot 4 dogs on that day, Lili, and her 3 bigger brothers. Suddenly, Lili, the smallest bitch, began to jump with pleasure at the soap bubbles and play as if she were a puppy. It was a precious moment full of happiness and true freedom.’ – Elinor Roizman


#3 Puppies Category 3rd Place Winner
Title of Image: ‘Let’s call it Roly Poly Puppy’
Dog: Snickers, cross breed puppy photographed for Doodle Rock Rescue
Photographer: Robyn Pope, United States Of America

‘In this image, I knew the moment Snickers began rolling around on the blanket that I had to embody his zest for life in a photo that would help him find the perfect playful home. I truly love working with dogs of all backgrounds to capture extraordinary photos worthy of even the most sophisticated pet parents and discerning commercial clientele. At home, we have six gentle giants of our own who serve as ambassadors on our 7-acre pet photography property and the ultimate creative muses.’ – Robyn Pope

#4 Man’s Best Friend 3rd Place Winner
Title of image: ‘Home’
Dog: Ruby Roo, Golden Retriever
Photographer: Cheryl Murphy, United Kingdom

‘This picture of Ruby was taken whilst she was resting with my friend Chris after playing with her daughter Nellie. My greatest passion is capturing dogs playing and having fun in their natural environment, the camera is a great way of recording what the naked eye would miss.’ – Cheryl Murphy

#5 Puppies Category 1st Place Winner
Title of image: ‘Little Ceylin’
Dog: Ceylin, Italian Greyhound

‘Ceylin was the second dog of my friend Birguel. The photo means much too me since her first dog, also an Italian greyhound died at puppy age in a car accident. 13 weeks old Cylin has the whole life in front of her. You can see it in her expression.’ – Klaus Dyba


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