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Look: Supportive Corgi Never Leaves ‘Mom’ While She Gives Birth

Dogs are adorable – that’s a fact. They’re loyal, protective, and they show us real love. But apart from that, did you know that dogs are provide their human companions an amazing support system specially during difficult times?
Dogs have their special way of consoling, guiding, and comforting us. That’s the reason why plenty of them are deployed as service animals or support animals.

Today’s story is about a brave and awesome little corgi who supported his ‘human mom’ get through a tough time – giving birth.

A woman named Brooke was about to give birth to her third child. A birth photographer was contacted to capture the sweet moment. The family have a cute little corgi dog named Ranger, and just like the whole family, he was excited to see the newest member of the family. But Ranger also sensed that his mom was in pain during the whole process, that’s why he never left her. He made sure that everything was okay. During the start of contractions, Ranger provided his mom a calming presence and gave her reassuring kisses. Once Brooke was moved to the birthing tub, Ranger sat in the couch and silently watch his mom giving birth. And when the baby finally came out, Ranger was also ecstatic to meet her!

Here are some of the most heartwarming photos during that unforgettable day:

Ranger always checked if his mom was okay


Sweet little boy, letting his mom pat him to support her


Reassurring his mom while she gives birth

Success! Baby’s out!


Can’t stop starring at his new sister

Hello, little sister!

Can I hold her too?

Checking mom and my new sister


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