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K-9 Dog Story – Everything You Need to Know About These Modern Heroes

In this article, we want to honor our fierce and loyal K-9 dogs all around the world by sharing some interesting facts about them – their origin, their training, and how to take good care of them. Are you ready? Here’s everything that you definitely should know:

The History of K-9s

Dogs have long been utilized by law enforcement bodies all around the globe. Back in 1888, the United Kingdom deployed several bloodhounds to search for infamous Jack the Ripper – an unidentified serial killer in London. The bobbies (police) were allowed to take with them canines while they are on patrol or when they roam around the city. A few years later, the city of Ghent, Belgium (still in Europe) officially trained dogs for numerous police works.This was in 1899 and it quickly made people think that dogs definitely were great assets in police operations. By the early 1900s, police dogs were already popular in Europe. It has even been recorded that in 1910, Germany has already patroled 600 trained dogs across the country. And by the 70s, police dogs became common and widespread. These dogs became integral part in the police workforce and in some countries, they even have their respective badges.

How Does A Dog Becomes A K-9

For a dog to become a K-9, trainings ideally start as early as when a dog is still a pup. And although almost any dog breeds can be trained to become a K-9, there are several breeds that can be considered as the “perfect breed” for the role. For example, labradors and bloodhounds are more likely to succeed in becoming a K-9 because they are natural when it comes to searching and detecting. As for German Shepherds and Malinois, they are good defenders or protectors.
Dog training involves socialization, discipline, and obedience. At an early stage, puppies under the K-9 training are expected to learn three basic rules – stay, go down, and sit. When they are already more matured, they are expected to go through a number of training to prepare them and help them function as a fully-fledged police dog. The most common type of this training involves simulation and repetition until the dog knows to follow a particular protocol.

How to Take Care of K-9s

K-9s are expected to perform numerous things on a daily basis, and that’s the reason why it’s really important for the handlers to take extra good care of them. These dogs are expected to have proper conditioning, nutrition, rest, and diet.

Additionally, a K9 dog should engage in serious physical training  to ensure that he is in top shape and that he is conditioned to work all the time regardless of the weather or the situation. Help stay your dog fit by doing exercise regularly. And since K9s are still regular dogs at heart, as much as possible, keep these exercising routines fun and exciting to keep the dog from getting bored and losing interest.

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