If Dogs Could Write – Must-Read Tearjerker Letter

Dearest Pat,

I’m sorry.
For not running after that ball you threw. I love you and I love playing with you. But I want to give you more time to focus on finishing your thesis.

I’m sorry.
For making a mess in the garbage last night and you had to do extra cleaning, I got hungry again and I don’t want to disturb you anymore.

I’m sorry.
For always chasing that old yellow cat from the block whenever he breaks in the house. I know you’ve scolded me a lot of times but you need to know that that cat broke your favorite mug.

I’m sorry.
For barking at your Aunt Louis, I still remembered that day when you were 10 when she scolded you because you broke one of her figurines unintentionally.

I am sorry if I mess around the house whenever you are gone for work, I am lonely and I thought playing around would make the time go fast until you come home.

I am sorry if I always let you carry me whenever we visit the vet. I know I am too big and heavy but I am just scared, that’s why I want to be close to you.

I am sorry if I didn’t ask your permission and snuggled in your bed last night, I was afraid of the thunder.

I know that you won’t be able to understand what I am saying, but I just hope that the hugs and smiles I give to you are enough for you to realize that I am really lucky to have you as my human. And now that the vet says that I am really sick, I have to say sorry again for making you feel bad and sad for me. My life on earth will never be this fun if you weren’t my human friend. I always remember that day when we first saw each other, it was on your 9th birthday. My, how fast time flies! I know you will be sad when I am gone (I will be sad too because I won’t see you again), but I hope the time we spent together is more than enough for you to remember me forever.

Your best friend,

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