How Do I “Listen” for My Dog’s Joint Pain

Dog's Joint pain - can not get on bed

Help Mom – I can’t get up

Dog’s Joint Pain – Can My Senior Fur-Baby Tell Me About It?

Our fur-babies can’t speak using English, but they do talk to us.  They wag their tails, they growl, they perk their ears – and we learn to listen when they speak, even if we do need to “listen” with our eyes for our dog’s joint pain…

Quality of Life is important to us and becomes increasing important for our fur-babies as they get older.   We want them to stay with us longer and enjoy life longer.  In order to do our part we need to keep a watchful eye out for changes.  The changes creep up on us with our own bodies and we need to be super vigilant for changes in our four-legged children.

Our fur-babies can tell us our dog’s joint pain is getting worse, so we have to “listen” with our eyes.  Here are some signs to look for.  (There are related article on When To See the Vet ASAP and Extending The Golden Years here).

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    • Hale Overton

      March 11, 2016 at 11:48 pm

      I agree. We talk about that a lot in some other posts. I’ll check this one as well.


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