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Hilarious! This Adorable Husky Has the Best Reaction for the Holiday Season


Via BoredPanda  

It is no secret that the holiday season is fast approaching.

Look around you! Everything, from the festive songs at shopping malls, the bright and glittering decors, the cold and snowy season, to the jolly faces of every person that you meet, points out that Christmas is absolutely here. And when it’s Christmas, there’s definitely a lot of things that need to be done – shopping for Christmas gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, preparing delicious Christmas feast, and of course, taking awesome Christmas pictures and send them to your loved ones.

Among the best Christmas pictures to take this festive season are your cute and cuddle furkids. As a matter of fact, it has become a trend across the globe to dress up your pup for the occasion and snap Christmas-ey photos of them. An awesome idea, right?

Anuko – The Grumpy Dog

Today’s story is about a charming Siberian Husky who always nailed his Christmas Card photoshoot – in a hilarious way.
Anuko’s photos went viral on the Internet because of his seemingly grumpy disposition whenever his owner snaps Christmas photos of him. Take a look at his pictures!

Via BoredPanda  

Via BoredPanda  

Via BoredPanda  


Judging from the results of his festive photo shoot, you may think that Anuko does not like Christmas, but don’t be deceived because according to his owner Jasmine, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Via BoredPanda  

“He has a dark black mask around his face that makes him look that way. It runs in his family,”

His surly, steely expression isn’t down to any kind of innately grumpy character, quite the opposite in fact. He is actually a very relaxed and kind dog who shows a great enthusiasm for the fun things in life.

Via BoredPanda  

“He’s mostly chilled out, very quiet. He’s not overbearing so doesn’t like cuddles that much, but if you leave the room he will follow. He’s like my little shadow and he intervenes when he sees necessary – something that’s benefited me a lot regarding my mental health”

With his hilarious photoshoots, Anuko instantly gained the attention of dog lovers across the globe.

We can’t wait for your next Christmas photoshoot, Anuko!

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