Generous child honors heroic police dog. What she did will leave tears in your eyes.

Jethro-Fallen-K9 heroic police dog

Social media’s a powerful thing.    Recently an Ohio police department has been mourning the loss of a heroic police dog – a K-9 officer.  Named Jethro, he was shot multiple times while responding to a call.  The department has been scrounging funds for bulletproof vests for their K-9 officers, and one little girl heard.  What she did was touching…




Point in fact, she sent in her entire allowance to help with the cause.  The K-9 officer’s human companion received the letter without an envelop.  Without that, he had no way to contact the little girl who had such a big heart for his heroic police dog.

Little Girl Wanted To Honor this Heroic Police Dog

At which point social media made all the difference.  The letter quickly went viral in the Ohio area, helping to identify the little girl and put her family and the police officer in contact.

Letter about money for dog vests


(Via Facebook)

 Generosity comes in all forms and sizes.

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Followup Posted to Facebook on March 13, 2016

Follow-up: From what I understand, the little girl (Allison) who wrote the letter to Officer Ryan Davis was identified and her family will be in contact with Officer Ryan Davis. If you didn’t see our previous post, he got this letter from her and had no way of contacting her, as the original envelope was missing when he got it. Through the power of social media, she should be talking to Officer Ryan Davis soon enough.

Thank you for taking the time to share it. Thanks to “Ohio Going Blue” for getting the word out, as well. My apologies to them for a misunderstanding on my behalf. On a positive note, I believe someone saw it on their website, and the mission was accomplished. “Job Well Done” to everyone…

Sgt B Muntean

(Via Facebook)

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