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Funny! Son Asks Dad to Pick Dog At the Groomer; He Returned With the Wrong One

Hear, hear people. So, we all know that dogs are different from each other. They have unique characteristics and quirkiness that we get to enjoy as their fur-parents. But, let’s also admit that most dogs – physically speaking – are quite similar in appearance – especially if they come from the same breed. And that’s what today’s story is all about.

So, the story begins with a lovely Maltese dog named Nieves. She lives with Alex’s family for 10 years now. Imagine how well-bonded Nieves is with her human family after 10 years.


But then, something weird and hilarious happened. Nieves had an appointment to the groomer and Alex, 22 asked his dad picks her up after her appointment, but when they arrived home Alex instantly noticed something – HIS DAD PICKED THE WRONG DOG. LOL

Alex pointed out that Nieves’ fur look a little too different, his dad agrees but then the adventurous impostor that he picked seemed to be fine that she’s being taken by another person.

“According to him, it was because the dog acted normal and followed him to the car and even jumped in as soon as he opened the door,” Alex told BuzzFeed. Also, the man decided not to trust his aging eyesight. “I thought I was getting old and my eyes were betraying me,” he said.


Once they realized that they picked the wrong Nieves – they delivered the dog back at the groomer. What a hilarious event!

Alex posted the whole ordeal on Twitter and the Internet can’t just stop laughing about it.

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