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Five Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for First-Time Fur Parents

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Happy New Year everyone!

We, at Dogs All The Time, are hoping you had an awesome holiday season with family and friends.

Now, if part of your New Year Resolution this 2018 is adding a fur kid to your family, make sure to read this article. We want to help you find the perfect dog breed for first-time fur parents!

Having a dog at home has a lot of benefits. Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend – their company helps people destress and keep us safe and secured. A lot of studies have been published to prove that dogs help improve people’s life – mentally and physically. And to return the favor, it is also a fur parent’s duty to ensure that he or she is 100% dedicated to taking care of his/her dog.

 When it comes to adopting a new dog in the house, care is completely a huge concern. For first-time dog owners, we’d like to suggest that you consider this six dog breeds that require less grooming, minimal exercise, and shed the least. Here they are:

Labrador Retriever

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The first in our list is the Labrador Retriever, which is one of America’s favorite dog breed. A hunting dog by nature, Labrador Retrievers are known for their devotion, tenderness, and their willingness to be trained – they are also perfect for kids. Additionally, this dog breed is extremely affectionate and adorable companion dog.

The Labrador Retriever is considered low-maintenance because it can live in a small space (but it’s much ideal if you can provide a space where it can play and run around). Exercise is a top priority for a Labrador Retriever. If you don’t engage it in a daily run, it may start munching stuff inside your house.

If you have an active lifestyle, having a Labrador Retriever can even be more interesting. Think about all the walks and runs you will share with your adorable dog! And by the way, apart from regular exercise, you don’t have to worry about anything because this dog breed does not shed a lot.


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Another low-maintenance dog bred is the Pug.

The Pug is the perfect breed for dog lovers who live in apartments. This toy-dog does not need much space and it also does not need daily exercises. Because of its flattened nose, a Pug can’t bear temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit – so it’s ideal to just keep it inside the house and let it play with its toy.

This dog breed is easy to train, friendly, and loves interacting with kids and adults. It has a short coat, so shedding is a minimal concern.

Japanese Chin

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In case you don’t have a lot of spare time to go for a daily run, then the Japanese Chin is a perfect choice for you. With its short muzzle, a Japanese Chin does not need a daily run – an occasional walk in the park is ideal to keep it fit. However, you need to know that because of its long coat, a Japanese Chin requires grooming from time to time. But then again, you totally won’t mind taking your Japanese Chin to a grooming session because it’s an awesome and lovable dog.


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Bulldogs are also among the most popular dog breeds in America. They are friendly, gentle, and extremely protective. The American Kennel Club listed Bulldogs are a perfect family pet – they are known to instantly form a strong connection with kids.

And because Bulldogs have short muzzles, they are not outdoor dogs and they need minimal exercise. Shedding is not a problem as well because they have a short coat.


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An ideal family dog that requires less maintenance – that’s definitely the Beagle. You have to do a daily walking but a short-distance walk and that would already be fine. And since its coat is short, it does not shed a lot and it only needs regular brushing.

Which of these dogs breeds are you planning to adopt? Share your thoughts with us! 

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