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Why Is My Dog Scratching So Much?

Dog Scratching All The TimeIs Your Dog Scratching All The Time?

You watch your dog scratching and know you need to do something, but what do you do and when should you be concerned?…

The scratching often doesn’t seem to bother them, but you know that persistent itching can drive anyone nuts and at some level your fur-baby has to become annoyed.

There are several reasons that you will see a dog scratching constantly:

  • Allergies – This is a common problem.
  • Boredom and Anxiety
  • Dry Skin
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Parasites – Fleas, ticks and mites
  • Pain – thorns, sand-spurs, infected cuts, etc.

What Do You Do About Your Dog Scratching Constantly?

  • Flea and Tick Prevention – In warm climates, using a treatment to deter fleas should be a regular part of owning a four legged child.   Not only can fleas drive your fur-baby nuts, the fleas can carry diseases to your family as well.   Consult your Vet for the best solution for your pet.  Despite what you hear on your TV, fleas develop resistance to the repellents and ingredients in the various flea control products. A product that worked well last year may be much less effective this year.
  • See your Vet – I know, everyone gets tired of hearing “see your doctor,” but there are so many allergies, skin conditions and other reasons for scratching that you really do need help from a professional.  Allergies are very common in some dogs. Tour dog constantly scratching could be telling you that they have (or have recently developed) an allergy to things just like humans do.  Dogs can have allergic to spores, mold, pollen and other airborne substances.  They may also have contact Demetrius where they are allergic to things they touch (soaps, bedding, pesticides used on your lawn and more).
  • Check the area being scratched – look for thorns, cuts and other obvious causes.  A pair of tweezers could be all that your fur-child needs.
  • Think – did you recently change their food, the shampoo you use on them, their bedding or anything else they come in constant contact with.   Simply reverting back to what you were using before might be all you need to do.
  • Pay More Attention – if the problem is caused by boredom or anxiety, the solution to your dog scratching problem may be as simple as paying more attention them him.  Activities like playing tug-of-war, taking walks (or jogs), throwing a ball, or cuddling might be all that you need to do.  It is worth a try (and makes both of you feel good.)

You may end up with medications from your Vet or special foods or something as simple as an Apple Vinegar Cider treatment after giving him or her a bath.

Your Dog Scratching at Hot Spots and Sores

Every fur-baby has gotta scratch sometime.  It is natural.  It is only when it becomes compulsive and constant that there is a problem.   One sign that you really need to schedule a visit with your vet is when you see hots spots (red inflamed areas) or red cuts in the skin where your dog is scratching.  This is often a sign that things are getting serious and a Vet needs to be consulted.  You may even end up with one of the special collars designed to make it impossible for the dog to get to the spot they so desperately want to gnaw or scratch.  Catching things before they reach this stage is a very good idea.

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So, Dealing With Your Dog Scratching – Be Observant, Visit Your Vet, Deal with Fleas

You can show your love for your fur-baby by taking positive action when you notice that the occasional ear scratch has become a constant.”

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