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Dog Rescue Crusaders Turn a Heartbreak Into A Triumph

sad noelle Dog Rescue Crusaders

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Noelle – Bedraggled, Undernourished and Heartbroken – A Tragedy in the Making

This is the story of Noelle, an abused pit-bull mix.  She was abandoned to a high kill Canadian shelter by someone with very little compassion.   The person who left her claimed that he found her as a stray.    A group of dog rescuer crusaders called the K9 Crusaders found her at the shelter and rescued her.   Once they got her, they immediately saw that she had been nursing puppies until very recently.   Not only had she been abandoned, but her puppies had been taken away too.  This had to be traumatic for the beautiful fur-baby.


In addition to the being separated from her puppies, she obviously hadn’t been fed properly in quite some time. The K9 Crusaders could see every rib and while that was heartbreaking, the sad look in her eyes was far worse.  According the the K9 Crusader’s Facebook page:

She arrived to us the following day and she was skin on bones…when she arrived to us the following day and she was skin on bones…weighing in at just over 30lbs, at least 15-20 lbs shy of a healthy weight, and every single rib was easily visible. She had obviously been feeding her babies, but nobody had been feeding her. K9 Crusaders/Facebook

Screenshot (296) Dog Rescue Crusaders

These Dog Rescue Crusaders immediately launched an investigation to find this poor fur-child’s children and reunite the family.  All of this was happening with the holiday season quickly approaching.

Unexpectedly, the quest was relatively easy.  It turned out that the owner had posted pictures of Noelle and her puppies on the Internet.  One of the images was probably taken while Noelle was being driven to the shelter.  He even held her beautiful face up to the camera so everyone got a good look at the poor baby.

Noelles face being held up Dog Rescue Crusaders

(via K9 Crusaders)

In the pictures, all eight of Noelle’s puppies were clearly visible.  This obviously was not a dog that had run away and become a stray.  The Dog Rescue Crusaders were hot on the trail.

Noelles puppies in truck Dog Rescue Crusaders

(via K9 Crusaders)

 There was another image showing Noelle as she nursed her small pack of pups.  Even in those pictures it was obvious that Noelle was undernourished.

Noelle nursing her babies Dog Rescue Crusaders

(via K9 Crusaders)

The quest took another good turn when one of these Dog Rescue Crusaders noticed ad ad of a “buy and sell” page.  A man was offering eight puppies.  He claimed that the mother had died in childbirth and that the puppies needed homes.

It didn’t take much more detective work to discover that the person selling the puppies was the same person who had delivered the “stray” to the shelter.

K9 Crusaders released the following post describing their quest:

Together, we worked through the night to save them all, by negotiating a mass purchase of the remaining 8 of her 9 puppies that had not yet sold. They were estimated to be barely 5-6 weeks old, far too young to be separated so suddenly from their mother. The owners of course, had no idea who we were, they just saw dollar signs and agreed to let us buy them up all at once with no questions asked

After all of these facts were put together, the eight puppies were rescued and reunited with Noelle.  What a wonderful holiday gift.   We don’t know what happened to the owner, but we hope that he got some of what he so richly deserved.

Noelle was able to nurse the pups until they could be safely weans.


Noelle Being Reunited with Her Pups

pit-bull-mix-noelle-and-her-pups Dog Rescue Crusaders

(via K9 Crusaders)

The video shows Noelle being reunited with her beautiful pups and the love she shows will touch your heart.

THANK YOU Dog Rescue Crusaders!

Source: K9 Crusaders/Facebook    featured Image via K9 Crusaders/Facebook

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