Dog-Gone Funny – Long Weekend Dog Quotes From Fur-Babies


It’s a THREE DAY WEEKEND!   Our fur-babies enjoy them as much as we do.  Here are some dog-gone funny – Long Weekend Dog Quotes to tickle your furry-bone, errr I mean funny-bone.

Life is Good and Long Weekends are especially good.  With a fur-baby they are even better!!

Long Weekend Dog Quotes

There is now scientific evidence that petting a dog relieves stress and make you feel better.  We never needed the studies.  They are kind of like doing studies to find out if the sky is blue.  Any one with a special fur-baby could tell you that life is better with a dog.

Oh Happy Day!   (You can hum along if you want 🙂 )

Yippee-Three-Day-weekend--boxer-dog-dance-46508141_m (2)

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