Dog-Gone Funny Golden Retriever Images That WILL Make you Laugh

funny dog cute happy Funny Golden Retriever Images

HEY!  YOU!!   Listen Up!

Funny Golden Retriever Images!  An irresistible treat for anyone who has owned one of these lovable mutts.

The Golden pups have a heart of gold, loyalty by the ton and they LOVE Their People!  These images will make you grin, then you will smile and finally you’ll find a laugh.  Enjoy!

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“Gotta Have An Offering” – they get whatever they can…

Golden Retrievers with pillows

“Would you like a pillow?”

In another article on “How Dogs Say I Love You“, we talked about this behavior.  Bringing you a favorite toy or offering something they “likc” is a way of acknowledging that you are the leader of the pack and that they LOVE you.

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Even when you KNOW you should be ticked off, you smile!

cute puppy golden retriever

“Hmmmm  I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing, so I can use it again next time!”

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I heard OMG! You Are In So Much Trouble!  Then you started laughing.  Then you shook your finger at me.   I’m confused. 🙂

Retriever Covered in mud - 520f9986e58741fb040a61e5eb7c11e2
Now I ask you, could be be angry with that sweet face?

I almost made it to my bed zzzzz…

puppy-sprawled on floor-da77178ae07011f05b562687d79b744a



I was gonna wait until we got home to nap, bu….zzzz

Golden Retriever asleep on car streering wheel 70ed90f65911a9a0186ba515e363e187
“There is no bed or couch to steal here, so I’ll just take mom’s seat and wait….zzzzzz”

Hey Bro!  There wasn’t a couch or a bed here either.  I DID find something soft to sleep on.

Small Golden Retriever asleep in top of a bigger one 2e17fe37072ed190e07fc8aa7b702ec7
“Now as long as Henry doesn’t start chasing rabbits in his sleep, I’m Golden.”  🙂
This Group of Funny Golden Retriever Images wouldn’t be complete with a Retriever pile.

Alarm Click – Retriever Style

Golden retrievers love

“Nope Mom!  There is no snooze alarm.  It’s pee o’clock and I’m ready to GO!”

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A Mobile Puppy Pile!   They are puppies for a Looonnng Time.

golden retrievers dogs

“Hi Mom!  What’cha laughing at?   We want to laugh too!”

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Puppy Pile?   We can do Puppy Pile- ANYWHERE!

5 golden retriever puppies sleeping in a hammock- Funny Golden Retriever Images
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“First we play!  Then we nap!  Retriever style.”

We don’t HAVE to be Puppies to Pile it on!

Retriever-looking out of a window on top of another- 32eaf93771586e636c59d1840502c927
“Henry, are you sure it’s not time for my turn to be on top?”  🙂

And we make friends….  That darn CAT.  He always manages to sneak into these DOG posts. 🙂

Goal-this-weekend---move-just-enough-that-they-do-not-think-we-are-dead---cat-and-dog-775116_1920-publicdomain Funny Golden Retriever Images
“Shhhhhh  Can’t You See We’re Sleeping here?”

Speaking for sleeping and friends – this is just odd! 🙂

8 birds and a hampster and a golder retriever BFF-b4bffdfa78933dbd6189120c047ca0f7
Eight birds, one hamster and one Golden Retriever – I’d say “Odd Couple” but that is WAY TOO MANY!

It’s too warm to PILE, so we’ll form a chain! 🙂

A Long Row of Golden Retreiver Puppies asleep on a couch- Funny Golden Retriever Images

Speaking of lots of puppies, did you EVER see Puppies as Cute as OURS?

dogs, puppies, cute Funny Golden Retriever Images

“Grab that camera thing and take pictures.  We want to share on our Facebook account.”

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Hi Mom!  I could hear you buying those treats at the store…..

Golden Retrievers love their food Funny Golden Retriever Images

*I’ve been waiting for you to get home with it!”

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Mom!  Every time I let go of this toy, it goes UP, not down.  It’s weird!

dog trust balloons Funny Golden Retriever Images

“I’d show you, but I’m afraid they would get away!”

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Beware of dog- Doesn’t Always Mean They Will Bite You.

cuddles dog cute pics Funny Golden Retriever Images

“Come a little bit closer.   I’ve got a big lick and a cuddle with your name on it.”

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Golden Retrievers make friends easily!  We showed you birds and a hamster, now the kitty is back again!Golden Retrievers gentle Funny Golden Retriever Images

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If you enjoyed these, you will no doubt enjoy the Golden Retriever Puppies

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