Does Acupuncture for Dogs Work? My Old Dog Story

Acupuncture for dogsLet me start by saying I’ve always been skeptical about acupuncture.  Then I watched a combination of acupuncture and a tens unit dramatically improve and extend the lives of two of our old dogs.  It answered the question “Does Acupuncture for dogs work?” for me.

When I saw it in action with my own eyes and I could no longer be skeptical.

Meet Zeke and Lesa.

Zeke and Lessa - my old dogs Acupuncture for dogs

They were each about 14 when then began to lose control of their rear legs.  They could barely walk and then there were days when they couldn’t walk at all.   (This occurred about a year apart.)

Our vet (Dr. C. ) treated them both with a combination of acupuncture and a tens unit.  Usually the next day wasn’t great.  The day after that they both could walk almost normally.  In the beginning this would last about a month.  I feel strongly that we extended their lives for a least a year and they were living as normal old dogs, not laying in a bed all day in pain.

Here is Zeke receiving a treatment:

Old dog receiving Acupuncture Acupuncture for dogs


The vet would carefully place the acupuncture needles.  One was specially placed for calming the dog.  Our dogs never seemed to mind the needles.  They didn’t winch or jump or even twitch.  Then the Vet would attach small clips to some of the needles.   These clips were attached to wires that lead to the special tens unit.   The current would be turned on and our dogs would lay there peacefully.  A treatment wold last about 10 minutes.  Then the needles would be removed and off we would go.  Ready for more “normal” time.  The treatments definitely extended the time where our dogs had an acceptable “quality of life.”

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