Do You Want to Extend Your Dog’s Lifespan?

extend your dog's lifespanCan you extend your dog’s lifespan?  Your elderly fur baby has brought joy to your life for years.  Made you smile.  Stood by you when everyone else turned away. You watch, you sigh and you wonder what you can do for their golden years.   You want happy golden years for them just like you want those years for yourself.

What to do?…

Now the years have started to catch up, and you want to do right by your fur baby.  So what can you do to make the years to come as good as they can possibly be?  You should speak with a vet as your fur baby gets older to put together a treatment plan.   Having a starting point may make the conversation go faster.   The best place to start is knowing what to watch out for.


Being Vigilant is the First Step to Extend Your Dog’s Lifespan

Watch for Pain

The first thing to look for is pain.  Fur babies in pain often sleep more.  When they’re awake they move slowly in everything they do.  They also are far less active than usual.  Age can calm a dog down, but as they age pain becomes a factor as well.  Some things to watch for if you really want to extent your dog’s lifespan are

  • when stairs become a problem,
  • getting up on the couch, chair or bed becomes a problem,
  • when chasing their favorite ball doesn’t interest them. (There is more here)

These behaviors are often a very good indication that your fur-child is in pain.  Don’t expect them to whine and whimper.  They don’t handle pain that way.

old dog 4

No one likes being in pain, your fur baby is no exception.

Watch of Incontinence

Second on the list is incontinence.  Your fur baby has been house broken for years, and suddenly has decided they no longer care?  There’s a very good chance it’s not their fault.  Sometimes they don’t even realize that they just went to the bathroom.

old dog 5

We have… 321Sorry

As to what’s causing the incontinence, there are two options.



old dog 2

Sorry, boss. I just couldn’t hold it.


Or mental

Old dog 6

Bathroom, or hungry? I don’t remember which feeling this is-Oh. It WAS bathroom.

In any of the above cases, there are medical treatments available.  Ranging from acupuncture to medication, they can help your fur baby have a full, satisfying set of golden years.  Many of them take up to three months to show benefits.

old dog 1

So get a vet involved as soon as you can.  You owe it to your fur baby.  Show that you love them as much as they love you.

What Can You Do?

The first thing to do is get the vet involved.   A good holistic vet can tell you world about helping your fur-child in their golden years.

There are anti-inflammatory supplements that give many dog’s relief.  The inflammation is what is causing the pain and reducing the inflammation makes them feel better.

Here are some other tips to extend your dog’s lifespan:

  1. Keep their weight down.  Senior dogs need less calories so look at a formula for seniors
  2. Keep their teeth clean.  Dental problems can make it hard to eat and that can be serious
  3. Get plenty of exercise.  It will have to be slower than it was, but they need it – just like you do.
  4. Keep their minds active too – play with them.  They will sleep more, but when they are awake stimulate them.
  5. Get regular checkups and do what the doctor tells you – even if it means buying medication.

Remember to live for the moment.  Those moments won’t last forever so enjoy them while you can!

We hope you enjoyed this article about how to extend your dog’s lifespan

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