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Deer Meets Dog in this Adorable Identity Crisis

deer meets dog

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Oh Deer!

Pet owners know the facts.  Once a pet wiggles its way into your heart you’re stuck with each other.

Geoff Grewcock of Warwickshire, UK is well accustomed to taking care of animals.  And while he usually avoids it,  when one sweet baby deer entered his life, he fell head over heels.

What happens when deer meets dog? Meet Bramble

Geoff runs Nuneaton & Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.  Located in the United Kingdom, the Nuneaton Sanctuary is dedicated to treating and rehabilitating sick or injured wild animals.  The usual goal is to eventually rehabilitate the animals, then return them to natural habitats.

deer meets dog

But exceptions to any rule exist.  

Some animals can’t survive in the wild. Reasons vary.  There is no suitable habitat left for some.  Human hunters threaten other species.  Then there are animals who were handicapped by their injury and cannot fend for themselves.

Then there are those who find their calling as dedicated couch potatoes.  Bramble falls thoroughly into the final category.  He lives at home with Geoff, his wife, and their four dogs.  Discovered as a comatose 2-week old baby, Bramble the stag, was alone in an isolated field.  The sanctuary brought him in, and cared for him until he emerged from the coma.  After that, he was raised by hand.


deer meets dog



Part of the Pack

As the Sanctuary had no mama deer to raise Bramble, he grew up with four dog siblings.  Like his four dog siblings, he grew up with Geoff.  And thus, Branble concluded he must be a dog.  He loves hanging by the window and watching people.  Visitors are used to a greeting where deer meets dog.  One on four.

deer meets dog

On each attempt to release Bramble, the deer refuses to leave.  He loves his family, and would be rather sad to lose them.  Plus, at home he knows how to forage.  His favorite location for foraging is the fridge.  He knows how to open it.  And pull out the drawers.  And find all his own vegetables.  So… what’s so great about the outdoors again? “I checked, and they don’t have any places to forage out there.”


Deer are overpopulated in the U.K. This is also the case in many parts of the U.S. To protect and prevent overgrazing from damaging the ecology, there is an annual cull for deer. Geoff understands the necessity of the culling, probably better than most.  Still, he’s doesn’t like the idea of losing Bramble in a cull.  His slightly more plush upbringing would likely be a detriment at that point.  According to Geoff: “I wasn’t going to hand-rear him and then let him be culled in a deer park when he’s 3. He’s one of the family.”

(Via Little Things)

Seriously, there’s few places where Bramble’s happier than in a fur pile where deer meets dog.  Or curled up catching up on his soaps.  Or napping on Geoff’s bed.  Or… you get the picture.  Bramble is certain that deer means dog.  And that the rest of the pack will absolutely understand why lettuce is better than kibble soon.  He’s sure of it.

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