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Dedicated Photographer Helps Dogs Get Adopted By Sharing Awesome Pictures Of Them

Dogs are undeniably among the most amazing creatures in the world. They’re loyal, friendly, compassionate, and loving – they bring the happiness out of us! Unfortunately, it’s just sad that no matter how delightful these animals are, there are still a lot of them in animal shelters waiting to find a family that they can love.

To help these dogs, a photographer from Canada came up with a brilliant idea on how to help animal shelter dogs to get adopted quicker. Rachael Rodgers’ love for dogs has lead her to take amazing photos of dogs and share their story and unique personality in order for people to instantly find their perfect dog.

“A great adoption photo is a golden ticket to the perfect home,” Rodgers said. And she’s right. A lot of these dogs have already found their family. Thanks to Rodgers dedication and compassion towards animal shelter dogs.

We’ve compiled some of the dogs she’d taken photos and their stories which Rodgers post on


Cotton is not one of those dogs who jumps right into my car and pants with excitement about the car ride that awaits. She slowly approached the open door and sniffed with apprehension. She wanted to get in, but she also wanted to check that everything was safe first. We talked about the ABS, the winter tires, and last oil change and she decided it would work. After this very short period of shyness, Cotton decided she likes me lots. She’s a whacky, fun-loving, adventure seeking doggie. She wants to run and explore with someone who loves running and exploring. If you know a runner or explorer who would love this sweet enthusiastic girl, please tag them. Cotton will be chillin at the Cochrane Humane Society if you want to meet her.


“This is Maia. I picked her up yesterday from @cochranehumane for a day in the mountains. She’s just as fun and odd as she looks and she’s currently single and looking. She enjoys taking people for walks on frozen lakes and protecting against birds in the sky. She’s not shy and just wants to have a good time for a long time with that special somebody. If you know that somebody, please do them a solid and alert them; she may be their soulmate.”



“This is Memphis. He’s a very friendly and outgoing lad. He is absolutely sure he’s a lapdog. After thorough testing I have to agree. He’s hanging out @cochranehumane. If you know anyone who would love a cuddly energetic lapdog, please let them know: Memphis might be just the one they’ve been looking for.”



“This is Pirate. This handsome little guy is only one, but he definitely acts more mature (usually) than that. Pirate has spent a good chunk of his one year at the Humane Society. I think this is the reason he’s developed into such a well mannered young pup. He gets loads of socializing (dog and human) during his days there. He’s also taken dog classes. He’s still working on his leash and barking manners at times when other dogs are around (he barks his head off in the kennels – probably most of the reason he hasn’t yet found his perfect home). I’ll let the videos speak to how wonderful Pirate is out of a kennel. Pirate is eager to please and stands tall and proud. Even with the excitement of smells and sights on the trail in Kananaskis, he finds the mental calm to sit and stay. He’s cuddly and independent at once. His smile lights my feelings. He’s a photographer’s dream with his looks and cooperation (he made the high jump onto a big rock several times as requested when I didn’t get the shot the time before). Pirate was showing off just how far he’s come with his car riding both to and from the hike. He laid down 90% of the time (and even slept after the hike).”



“This is Titan. Titan is one. He’s extremely friendly, yet independent. He’s giant, yet gentle. He gets along with everyone and wants everyone to have a good time. He can play wrestle a whole pack and also hold a conversation with a horse. He’s really really ridiculously good looking, but knows there’s more to life. He can do leash, or no leash. When he plays in a group, the others look to him as the leader of the pack.”

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