Misbehaving Dogs – Four Reasons Why Good Dogs Turn Bad


It’s no secret that dogs are the world’s nicest creatures. They’re friendly, loyal, smart, gentle, and everything nice. However, even your nicest, cutest, and lovable furkid can turn into your biggest nightmare – a misbehaving dog!

Have you noticed that your once friendly and well-behaved dog is literally giving you headaches now by misbehaving?  You might get puzzled why did your pooch is acting this way, but there are certainly a lot of explanations why good dogs turn bad, and seriously, you are one of the culprits for this negative change:

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Lack of Mental Stimulation

Humans and dogs are very similar with their basic needs. When humans do not have  anything to do the whole day, it drives them crazy and that is the same with dogs. An insufficient mental stimulation can lead your dogs to unleash behavioral issues such as biting, barking incessantly or growling at anybody that approaches them. Make sure that when you leave your dog for work or school, you have left something that will occupy their minds such as toys. A mentally healthy dog is a happy dog and when dogs are happy, there are low chances that they’ll misbehave or do bad. 




Lack of Exercise

Aside from keeping your pet mentally healthy, you should also make sure that they are physically fit to prevent them into transforming as mibehaving dogs. Take your dog to a regular walk or allow him to run in a spacious area so that he can be fit. Sometimes, because of our busy schedules, we tend to forget to let our dog go out the house. Not letting our pet go out to frolic only a regular basis will certainly make them frustrated, and this will ultimately lead to misbehaving. Dogs, as I’ve said are very similar with humans. We do not like being cooped in the house for a long period of time. Sometimes, we need a change of view to refresh us, and our pet dog needs that too.


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Lack of Socialization

Dogs, as we all know, are sociable animals. They love interacting with humans and other canines; they wanted to be everybody’s best friend. However, when a dog lacks socialization, it leads him to misbehave when he is around with other people or dogs. A dog that does not interact with other people aside from his adoptive family will certainly withdraw in a corner and bark incessantly when they see strangers or other dogs. Most of the time, suspicion and protectiveness can bring out your pet’s bad side. Make sure that your pet gets to socialize with other people and dogs by taking him to the park or joining a dog club to prevent him from being too aggressive with strangers.


Lack of Discipline

A misbehaving dog is usually a sign that his owner lacked authority over him. Dogs will never be bad if they have been disciplined well by their owners. A well-disciplined dog will always want to please his owner because he knows that he will be rewarded for doing good or punished for misbehaving. A bad dog, most often, is just a reflection of how poor his owner is in instilling discipline to him. Make sure that you discipline your dogs properly in order for them not to be bad dogs.

When your dog is misbehaving, ask yourself what has triggered your pet to act badly. Bad dogs won’t stay bad forever if you only know how to manage them. 


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