Bust Dogs Out Of Hot Cars? In Many States You Can!

Ohio Is Now The Third State To Let Good Samaritans Bust Dogs Out Of Hot Cars

Ohio Is Now The Third State Where Civilians Can Bust Minor Children or Bust Dogs Out of Hot Cars.

The summer months are on us and that means the season is on us where hundreds of pets die after being left in a hot car. NBC4 also reports a growing number of reports where children have been accidentally left in a sweltering car.

Now there is a trend ,and Ohio is the third State to join in, to allows civilians to bust children or bust dogs out of hot cars without fear of civil liability.  In other words, you won’t have to pay for the damage to the vehicle.


The law will not go into effect until late August, so Ohio citizens shouldn’t be picking up rock and tire irons just yet.
When the law does go into effect, there will be a few reasonable conditions.  For example:
  • You must call 911
  • You must check that the doors are really locked
  • You must leave a note on the windshield.
  • You must feel that there is immediate danger to the child or the pet and there is no other way to help them.
  • The rescuer must stay with the child or animal until law enforcement or emergency responders arrive.

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According to BarkPost:

“Tennessee was the first state with this sort of law. It went into effect last summer. Florida became the second to allow good Samaritans to bust dogs out of hot cars earlier this year.”

Virginia has also recently enhanced its protection of pets, by letting first responders, but not civilians, break into vehicles to rescue animals. Michigan may make leaving a dog in a hot car a felony.

And at least two more states—California and Massachusetts—are considering legislation similar to Ohio’s.

Cory Smith, the Humane Society of the United States’ director of public policy for companion animals had this to say about this trend:

“This type of measured intervention supplements efforts by first responders, and prevents tragedy for dogs in hot cars as well as the people whose lives are destroyed when they make the ‘it won’t happen to me mistake.’” 

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(via BarkPost)

An Example!

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H/T NBC4 and BarkPost

So in Florida and Tennessee and soon in Ohio, citizens will have less reason to hesitate if they see a child or a pet locked in a hot car.  You are able (with certain reasonable restrictions) to bust children or bust dogs out of hat cars without worrying about paying for damage to the vehicle.

We hope you enjoyed reading about where you can bust children or  bust dogs out of hot cars.

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