Boxers Love Couches – Funny Pics – You WILL Laugh!

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Boxer love couches!  It is considered prime real estate and they will claim it whenever they can.  (Of course they claim the bed too, but this is about COUCHES and BOXERS.)

Boxer-with-That-Look-First-I-steal-your-heart-and-then-your-couch Boxers Love Couches

We are going to run some competitive couch claiming here.  Enjoy!

Competition 1:  Basic Coach Sitting

There are times when they just lay on the couch.  It is almost always a plot to occupy the WHOLE thing

2-boxers-on-a-couch---from-Guest-Post Boxers Love Couches

See – If one can’t occupy the whole space, they team up and make sure it is ALL theirs.  Not only do boxers love couches they love ALL of the couches.


If they aren’t claiming their territory, then the two of them just get comfortable. ????

Yes, if you look carefully there are two of them.  Boxers love to stack on top of each other, but you gotta admit – that is just off the charts.

(via Pinterest)

Of course when there is only one boxer, they manage just fine.

Large upside down boxer on a couchBoxers Love Couches

Looks comfy, Right?   If you said “YES”  then you have been brainwashed by your boxer.  (There are a lot of us out there. 🙂  )

Of course, even the boxers admit that some of that goofiness isn’t natural.

boxer night of drinking can not stand up Boxers Love Couches

(via Pinterest)

Yes those actually are three different boxer.  They all find the same position comfortable.  Of course the third one couldn’t make it up on the couch.

One Basic Use for a Couch is to Create a Boxer Stack.  Two Boxers will almost always stack 🙂

Boxers love couches

I’ve seen them stack as many as six.  The more boxers you have, the higher the stacks.

I’ll admit.  These two are unusual.  Boxers usually like Audio books.  🙂

Boxer Love Couches

(via Pinterest) 

Some Use the Couch to be with their People

Boxers love couches

(via Pinterest)

Much as he loves his little girl, he doesn’t look like he signed up for THIS! 😉

Now THIS is a Boxer

Boxers love couches

(via Pinterest)

The bigger they are, the more they think that they are LAP DOGS>

Did we have a winner?   Hmmmmm The jury is still out.  I think they will be gone for a while.  Maybe QUITE A WHILE.  🙂

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