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Because of his Dog, Amazing Vet Does “No Charge Spaying and Neutering” Weekends

In Tribute to His Adopted Fur-child this Amazing Vet Spends His Weekends doing “No Charge Spaying And Neutering”


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Toby – The fur-child that inspired this Amazing Vet to create The Toby Project

There is an amazing vet in NYC’s Upper West Side who runs a project that has people shaking there heads and saying things like: “That really makes me realize that there IS good in humanity.”  Dr Kaplan has personal experience with the overcrowded shelters and what happens to the dogs that end up there.



“Saving space” means appalling numbers of cats and dogs that die in these shelters and this really bothered Dr. Kaplan. This really became the focus of a passion after he adopted Toby from one of these shelters.  Very nearly a “casualty of the system,”  Toby had been labelled as too aggressive to ever be adopted.

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Kaplan, being a veterinarian, was allowed to take Toby home even with his behavioral issues.  This adoption occurred one day before Toby would have been euthanized.  The adoption worked well and they spent more then a decade together until Taby passed at thirteen.  Even though Toby is gone, he might just save the lives of pets all over NYC.

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Dr. Kaplan created The Toby Project  in honor of his fur-child. To prevent as many animals as possible from losing their homes, Dr. Kaplan takes a few surgeons and  his mobile clinic  to under-served neighborhoods every weekend. There, the team in a valiant and selfless effort perform free spaying and neutering to any animal whose paw-rent may not be able to afford to have the procedure done.

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Dr. Kaplan had realized the the lower-income areas were forced to surrender the most pets to the shelters.  The Toby Project helps keep dogs and cats in their homes and prevents the birth of many more animals who almost certainly would have ended up in the shelters and then become “casualties of the system” themselves.

“It hurts me to know that animals are dying in shelters because they don’t have homes,” Dr. Kaplan told PIX 11. “If I can do something about it then I am going to try.”

The Toby Project has resulted in hundreds of people who are extremely grateful for this doctor the service of his team.  Molly the Puggle’s paw-rent is one for those people.  She is very aware of just how costly vet care can be. “Animals become a part of you. They become a part of your heart,” another paw-rent said. “When you put the care of your pet with a vet who cares so much, it’s great.”

molly the puggle with the Amazing Vet

The Toby Project is six years young now are there are no plans to stop.  We hope you all recognize how amazing  Dr. Kaplan and his team really are.  Of course, we also need to honor Toby, for inspiring it to happen.

To find out more about The Toby Project (and of course to make a generous  donation to the cause) you should visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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