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Dogs and Cats! These Awesome Fur Squad Is Taking Over Instagram!

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We love it when dogs bond together, but we love it, even more, when dogs and cats cuddle, play, eat, and even nap TOGETHER. How adorable is that?

Today’s story is about an amazing fur squad – composed of two dogs and one cat – that is taking over Instagram. Check their photos and you will instantly fall in love with this unique trio.

Meet Watson, Kiko, and Harry – they are undeniably cute and cuddly and they are also best friends who love napping.

The trio is owned by 22-year-old Jennifer, from Washington. She had Watson – the white golden retriever- first when she moved away from home.

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‘I have no family here in Washington and no friends so my boyfriend thought that a puppy was a good idea,’ Jennifer told ‘It was.’


When Watson was 8 months old, Jennifer added Kiko in the family, a 5-year-old red golden retriever. Harry the cat joined the family shortly after that.

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‘Harry the cat was just a kitten when I adopted him,’ says Jennifer, explaining that when he first met the dogs, he was a little ‘confused and scared’. ‘But it didn’t take long for him to get used to Watson and Kiko. Watson is very gentle and has a very calm, friendly temperament.

‘So it was easy for him to welcome Harry and make him feel comfortable in his new home.’

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Jennifer added that Watson’s calming presence has not only helped Harry settle with his new family but it also helped calm both Kiko and Jennifer.


‘When Kiko arrived to my home I noticed that he had some anxiety issues,’ says Jennifer.

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‘The way I tried to help him was through Watson. I knew Watson will be able to help him, as he’s been helping me with my anxiety and depression.

 ‘It turned out to be the best thing to do.

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‘Kiko is still a work in progress but he feel more comfortable in his home.

‘Watson came to our life’s (Kiko, Harry and I) to help us move forward from a bad past. And I’m very grateful I have him.’

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This trio is now Internet stars and have massive followers on Instagram.

See? Dogs and cats are adorable together

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