A Bloodhound Pup Finds a Kidnap Victim – Go Dog!

pup finds a kidnap victim

Déjà the bloodhound is an important member of the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department in California. She proved her worth in a recent kidnapping case where the pup finds a kidnap victim. With her nose and the knowledge of her handler, Deputy Stone, this case was put to rest.


Déjà the police pup found a girl who was reported missing from her home around 3 A.M. A 911 call came in reporting that the grandmother of the 16-year old girl had called the police. She was awoken during a fight the girl had with an unknown man and had proceeded to watch her granddaughter get forcefully taken from the house. The police interviewed citizens around the area, and then concluded that the girl was last seen with an unknown man. The man had gotten into a fight with the girl, and had kidnapped her from her home, dragging her out by her hair. Then the job came down to Déjà and her handler, Deputy Josh Stone of the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department. They entered the woods surrounding the nearby mountains. Déjà then sniffed out some drag marks left by the girl and police located a purse that was formerly in the girl’s possession.
The pair followed the scent all the way to a home on the 26000 block of Boulder Lane. Déjà then led her handler right up to the front door of a home. She refused to leave the house, knowing that the girl  was inside. Police, upon entering the home, found both the girl and her captor. The captor was later found to be the girl’s 18 year old boyfriend. The girl, thanks to the work of Déjà, was returned safely to her home, while the captor was arrested for kidnapping and domestic battery.
pup finds a kidnap victim
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It is thanks to the work of Déjà and Deputy Stone that cases like these can be solved so quickly. Thank you Déjà and Deputy Stone for all that you both do!

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