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10 Most Popular Dog Breeds for Different Situations – Do You Know Which Breeds People Prefer?

 “Most Popular Dog Breeds” in Different Situations

most-popular-stamp-1660856_1920-pixabay-publicdomain Most Popular Dog Breeds


Have you ever wondered which dog breed is the most popular to own?  Is that popularity reflected on Google.  What are the most popular dog names?    Here are 10 different looks at popularity among  dogs.  Fun to read.

1. What is the Winner among the  Most Popular Dog Breeds for families in the U.S.

Labrador Retriever

Happy Labrador-dog-434834_1280 pixabay publicdomain

(Source: AKC.ORG)

2. Which Breed is the most popular for Search and Rescue?

German Shepherd

:Best Search and Rescue- though many dogs fit the search and rescue category, the most popular one is the German Shepard”

(Source: Arda inc)

3 What breed is the most expensive to own?

English Bulldog


“English Bulldog. Renown for a silly personality and great temperament, these dogs also are very prone to health issues, which make them the most expensive dogs to own.”

(Source: iHeartDogs)

4. What is the most popular male dog name for 2016?


This one is tough since different source all quote the AKC and give different names.  Max appears more often than others like Tucker and Bailey as the top name for 2016

(Source:  Rover)


5. Most Popular female dog name for 2016?


This one is tough since different source all quote the AKC and give different names. Bella appears more often than others like Lucy and Daisy as the top name for 2016.  (Bella also appears as the most popular female cat name.)

(Source:  Rover)


6. What breed is most popular for use as Therapy Dogs   (There are two correct answers here)

Labrador Retriever


Golden Retriever

“Labrador and Golden Retrievers,  due to their constant friendliness and even temperament as well as their overall consistency, these dogs are considered the quintessential therapy dogs.”

(Source:  DogAholic)

7. What is the most popular “Small Breed” dog?



“The Pomeranian is an adorable, mellow and gentle dog, but it can sometimes get noisy (just like children). As a matter of fact, if you want a Pomeranian, it is great with kids, just as long as it’s introduced as a puppy. Despite this, the Pomeranian, which sheds profusely, may not be the best choice for a house with very small children.

As you can see, there are many small dogs to suit all tastes and lifestyles; it’s all a matter of what you want. However, many small dog breeds are purebreds that have been interbred for hundreds of years, causing various congenital defects. So if you decide to choose a compact canine pal, find a reputable breeder.

Source: PetMD)

It is worth noting that there were a series of articles in 2011 that put the Beagle at the top of the list.

8. What is the most popular dog breeds in Great Britain is the Same as the US.  The second most popular is quite different.  Do you know what it is.?

Cocker Spaniel




The Labrador is a kind of retriever, originally bread as a gun dog and now the most popular breed in the UK, United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.”

(Source:  MoneyMagPie}

It is interesting that the Cocker Spaniel is number 2 in Great Britain and number 30 in the U.S.



9. Which breed is the most common target for punsters?


1. Smiling Pug  82c0   41.3k https://www.pinterest.com/pin/355291858079665606/


This is more by observation than proof.  Here is an article with a set of Pug Puns  

10. What is the Most Popular Dog Breed on the Internet?



According to Google the winner among the most popular dog breeds on the Internet is the Bulldog.

“Another breed with an English origin, the bulldog is a medium-sized, heavy dog with wrinkled face and a distinctive pushed-in nose. Bulldogs were originally bred for bull baiting (hence the name), but modern breeders have managed to remove aggression from these dogs, making them friendly and docile pets particularly suitable for families with small children.”


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