Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why do dogs eat grass?

“Totally worth the reservations, their crabgrass is divine.”

We’ve all seen our fur babies chewing on the yard.   Sometimes we dissuade them, sometimes it concerns us.  But it begs the question: why do dogs eat grass?

The short answer: No one’s quite sure.   There’s a lot of theories though, and  some information that can help make things clearer. …


Dogs, grass, and biology



Dogs, unlike cats, are not pure carnivores.  Instead they are what’s called opportunistic carnivores. Canines in the wild, like wolves, get their greens second-hand.  That is to say, from the prey they eat.  Specifically, the stomachs of that prey.  Gory, but good to know, right?


Your dog, on the other hand, doesn’t hunt prey.  Usually, anyways.

So instead, our beloved fur babies have learned to look for their plant needs elsewhere.  Grass is their go to, obviously.  It’s everywhere, after all.  However even wild canines will eat fruits, berries, and many vegetables on occasion to meet some nutritional need.

The problem with dogs eating grass is that they don’t have the right enzymes to digest grass.  Usually, at some point, they throw it up.

So why do dogs eat grass?

To Call An Upset Stomach

Some dogs may have learned to eat grass as an impromptu version of fur baby antacids.  When they feel bloated or there is an unusual rumbling down by their back legs, they know they need to do something.  Most have learned that grass will both sooth the rumbling and usually lead to throwing up whatever is causing the discomfort.   (Whew!  That feels MUCH better).

dog allergy symptoms - food allergies

To Deal With More Serious Problems

But there are more problematic answers as to  question “why do dogs eat grass?”  If your dog is in the habit of licking at the air before they go out to chomp and redistribute the lawn, they may be suffering from some form of irritation or digestive inflammation.  If you suspect this, you need to consult a vet.

To Supply Missing Nutrients

Similarly, you should consult a vet if you have been making your own food for your fur baby.  Dogs do eat grass in an attempt to get extra nutrition, so your fur baby may be sending you a mayday message with this behavior.  You might want to introduce some cooked veggies or natural herbs into your recipes.  These may supply those missing nutrients.  By-the-way – our four legged children are very much like many of our two-legged children – they are not overly fond of raw veggies.

To Have Something Neat to do in the Yard 🙂

Hey It’s time to go get some sun out in the yard, but ya know, that’s just boring.  So another answer to “why do dogs eat grass?” is that it’s something to do.  It’s kind of like chewing gum.

As you can see, it doesn’t mean that every dog who’s eating grass is having a health problem.   If nothing comes of it, your dog may simply be enjoying an afternoon snack in the sun!

Hopefully that helps answer some people’s biggest question: Why do dogs eat grass!

(Via PetMD, Modern Dog Magazine)

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