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Want to Adopt a Dog? Try the “Land of Strays”

Costa Rica’s “Land Of The Strays”

Land of Strays Adopt a Dog

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A Special Kind of Shelter

The setting is lush, the weather is balmy and it is sunny year-round.  Not what you think about when setting out to adopt a dog.   Add over 900 free ranging dogs with strange breed names that you’ve never heard of before (try “Chubby-Tailed German Dobernauzer” and “Fire-Tailed Border Cocker” ) and you really have something different.

By now you are thinking “No Way!”   If you figure this is a hoax then your would be wrong.  This Dog Lover’s Paradise for adopting a dog exists in Costa Rica.  It is called  Territorio de Zaguates, or “Land of the Strays” and is a volunteer-run, privately funded program.


Adopt a dog

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All of these dogs are just waiting for someone special to come looking to adopt a dog.  Those special breed names?  Well they are made up; unique to each pup, based on their characteristics.

Myth Busters – Purebreds are NOT the Only Great Dogs

One-of-a-kind dogs are Territorio de Zaguates; specialty  Each fur-child is celebrated for their one-of-a-kind traits.  Each dog has unique qualities that make them special in their own right.   They are working to show that for people looking to adopt a dog, these unique characteristics will help unique dogs find special homes.

It All Started with Television


Territorio de Zaguates’ and the concept of “new breeds” started as a set pf artist renderings on a popular Costa Rican television show.  The response was overwhelming! For example,  one “new breed”; the Alaskan Collie Fluffyterrier became a Facebook sensation. Billboards and advertisements followed.  Each depicted a “new breed” and the message “When you adopt a mutt, you adopt a unique breed.”  Interest in adopting a dog from the shelter soured.


Adopt a dog


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A Unique “Shopping to Adopt a Dog” Trip

When you “shop” at “the “Land of Strays” you don’t surf the web or look through a picture book.  You wander the fields and meet with the prospects in person.   They get to check you out while you get to know and bond with them.

Off to the Fields

The volunteers and prospective providers of fur-ever homes regularly take scenic hikes for exercise and fun.  Everyone is encouraged to participate   These trips let everyone interact in a stress-free environment where understanding and bonding can take place naturally.  The dogs and the adopters seem to love it.


Adopt a dog



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A Comfortable Place to Live and Wait for Adopters

Territorio de Zaguates proves their chargees with plenty of space to bask in the sun and the cool Costa Rican breezes.  However it is not all “outdoors.”  The fur-children have modern indoor facilities where they can relax in cozy bedding plus feeding and bathing stations. The property had flowing water in special troughs located all over the property so the active pups are never in danger of going thirsty.

Adopt a Dog



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Going to Adopt a Dog From the Land of Strays

The shelter is a no-kill home and there is no pressure to adopt.  The volunteers make sure the dogs are extremely well cared for and and most if not all are very happy there.. While there is no pressure to adopt a dog from the staff, I can’t imagine wandering through a herd of happy friendly fur-babies and not feel the need to take that one…. and that one… and the one over there.

Land of Strays - Adopt a Dog

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People do book flights to  Costa Rica for a visit to this special “Land.”  Before you do, you should check their Facebook page for the dates and times for special public hikes.  Of course you will also see dozens of photos of the one-of-a-kind adoptable cuties.


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