10 of the Funniest Boxer Goofball Poses – Guaranteed to Make You Smile!

Funny Boxer draped over a Tire Swing-GoofBall Boxer Poses


Boxers are Goofballs (and wiggle bottoms, and many more names).  Their antics make us smile while their love and loyalty make us humble.

Usually Boxer antics involve action, lots of action. Here is a collection of “boxers being still” poses that will make you smile.  You won’t be able to help yourself!

Let’s count them down.

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NUMBER 10.  They can make you smile just by looking at you.

Funny Boxer with Curled Tongue GoofBall Boxer Poses

“Yes Mom!  I can hold my licker.  See?”

Right side up, upside down, head tilted one way, head tilted the other way, dancing on tippy toes in the kidney bean dance, Boxers have an endless variety of poses.   We grin at most of those poses and laugh out loud ad the rest.  (I’ve. still never met a Boxer that could hold his likcer. 🙂  )

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Number 9. Relaxing, totally relaxing, is one of their specialties

Funny Relaxed Boxer 6 GoofBall Boxer Poses

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“No, I’m not taking a nap.  I just testing the bed.  BTW Mom – this is NOT one of those Goofball Boxer Positions you are talking about.”

They seem to know when we are looking at them or talking about them and the “let’s get more crazy” button switches from ON to “SUPER ON!”

NUMBER 8. They seem to enjoy finding odd places to relax.

Funny boxer in a pan on outside table -GoofBall Boxer Poses

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“Mom!  I like my indoor bed better, but this will do.”

They like your bed, your couch, on top of you, on top of their siblings and…. Awe Heck, they like everywhere.

 NUMBER 7.   They have a wide variety of friends and are VERY protective.

boxer with paw top of a lamb Goofball Boxer Poses

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“Are they pestering you again?  Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

Boxers make friends with all children.  Where there aren’t any children or paw-rents around they will become BFF with kitties, horses, and even goats.   🙂

NUMBER 6 . And they DO know how to party

Funny Boxer Dog Party - GoofBall Boxer Poses


“Heck!  They told us that we would be jumping out of a cake!”

Then they bail out and it is “Katie!  Bar the Door!!!”   🙂


5. They do love Hide and Seek, they just aren’t very good at it.

funny boxer dog in potted plant hiding behing tree GoofBall Boxer Poses

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“If I sit real still, they can’t see me!”

Are We Still Playing?   I’ve Waited for At Least Two Tail Twitches

boxer peeking around a corner Goofball Boxer Poses

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Our fur-children are GREAT at lots of things.  Patience is NOT one of those things.

NUMBER 4. Boxers love to “stack” themselves.  BTW Where IS Max?

Funny boxer on top of brother - Max have not seen him GoofBall Boxer Poses

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“Mmph!  Mmph!”   “Max is that you?  Where are you?”

Boxers love to sit on each other, stack on top of each other, cuddle with each other……..


NUMBER 3. They have the “I’m Innocent” look down cold.  Every one of them

Funny Boxers and Exploded Pillows -GoofBall Boxer Poses

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“We’re not sure how, but we think the kitty did this!”

Are you buying this?   If they were yours and you were there for a while, you’d be buying ever word.


NUMBER 2 . Did I mention that they find odd ways to Relax?

Boxer Puppy Upside Down -enhanced-buzz-GoofBall Boxer Poses

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?Mom?   Why are you upside down?  Do You Know What My PAW Tastes like?”


NUMBER 1. Boxers have a love affair with couches.  These Goofball Boxer Positions will make you see why

Boxer barely on couch GoofBall Boxer Poses

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“I’m not on the couch. See!”

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“We were tired and just sortta crashed.”

And the Winner!

Silly furniture blockade - GoofBall Boxer Positions

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“Bltzzzzzz”  (That’s a Boxer raspberry!)

We hope you enjoyed our Goofball Boxer Positions.

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