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Test Yourself. Do You Know Which Treats are Safe for Dogs? – Take the Quiz

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I’m sure you know that some foods that are safe for humans aren’t safe for our four-legged fur-children.   Test your knowledge with 10 different treats and  rules of thumb for selecting treats..   

I’ll give you one clue before you start.   There are several treat foods that are safe for most dogs, but are not safe for small dogs.  Foods that remains in chunks can lodge in the intestines of small dogs and that can be catastrophic.   There are other treats that are safe but not recommended.  They contain too much fat or other substances that can cause problems in larger portions.  

Tip:   Never feed your pets anything that comes from China!  The quality control and lack of regulations means that you risk feeding your pet poison every time you feed them (or you) anything from China.

See if you know which treats are safe for dogs.   Enjoy!

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We hope you enjoyed this Quiz on Which Treats are Safe for Dogs.

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