Pit Bull Puppy In a Burning House – This Cop’s Reaction

Cop Runs Into Burning House To Save Pit Bull Puppy



(Via Christian Cotroneo)

A quick check with the neighbors and he knew that there was no one inside the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, home.  No one that is except for a pit bull puppy.

Breitfeller didn’t wait for backup, didn’t wait for the fire department, in face it didn’t wait at all  according to a Facebook post by the Stroud Area Regional Police Department.

Breitfeller crashed through the front doorand  disappeared into the billowing and probably toxic haze.

The neighbors watched and the tension mounted until a few anxious moments later, a frightened puppy clinging to his chest, office Breitfeller emerged into the open air.



(Via Stroud Area Regional Police Department)

The officers at the scene named the little pup “Smokey” as he clung to Officer Breitfeller.  The owners soon arrived and the puppy was returned safe and sound.  Another happy ending.

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Nobody could blame the pup if he wanted to stay in the officer’s warm arms for a while longer.  Even puppies know when they are in the presence of a big warm heart.

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