Pets Photobombing Weddings, Who Does It Best? Dogs or Cats?

PHOTO BOMB wedding couple kissing - dog in front  Pets Photobombing Weddings

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Some of our fur-children LOVE attention – especially attention from a camera.   Here are some of the funniest images of pets  photobombing weddings.  These dogs and cats WILL drag a smile out of you.  You won’t be able to help yourself.  

You decide if the canine fur-children or the feline fur-children pull off the best pet photobombing weddings!


We will start with Dogs at Weddings – our fur-children LOVE to be involved in weddings! 

PHOTOBOMB pug in front of wedding party  Pets Photobombing Weddings

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“Hi!  What’cha doin’?”

Don’t look down now!

Small dog in tux- paws of gown slide_404818_5040756_free  Pets Photobombing Weddings

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“Mom – It’s my turn now!”

Front Row Seat

PHOTO BOMB Cat at wedding alter animal-photobombs-9  Pets Photobombing Weddings

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“There I was, just chillin’ and they made such a fuss later.”

Nap Time.  I just found a soft place to lay down.

Photobomb Old Dog Laying on Wedding Gown Train Pets Photobombing Weddings

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“I’m getting old.  She says I can lay down where ever I want”

Do you have any treats?  I’ll leave if you give me a treat.

PHotobomb - pup in front of bride and brides maids photo shoot c4be2a1cd085e2681f078768291d6c67

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“Hello there!  Wanna take a picture of me now?”

I think this is a rag and I’m allowed to play with rags.

photobomb Kitten grabing brides train 6c496671e93b28ecc8c82a6b028ece4b

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“Biggest Chew Toy I’ve ever seen!!”

Pugs Rule!

photobomb two pugs on couch with bride 4645dbf58ce2be907de4d438c3655cf1

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Now I ask you.  Who is going to look at the bride and her bride’s maids with those two pugs in the picture?

Next up:  The Purrr-fersons get to strut their stuff

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