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Pet Adoption Hero’s Sendoff to the Last of 600

Pet Adoption Event
Angel started the day thinking she wanted a cat.  She took her cat carrier (on the off chance she’d find the purrrfect kitty) and went a special pet adoption event being held by a local shelter. 

Monster Pet Adoption Event

What she found at the pet adoption event were nearly 600 dogs and cats were looking for furever homes,  The staff mentioned to Angel there were five special needs dogs who were still needed pawrents to take them home and she decide to take a quick look.

Angel told the BarkPost: “as I walked toward the dog cages, Owen caught my eye,  His eyes locked with my eyes and it was love at first sight.”  (Yes it can happen just that quickly.)

Angel explained that she had been bitten once and she’s “petrified of dogs.”   She certainly hadn’t been planning on a full sized dog.  Owen is 10 years old and as you can see from the pictures, Owen is certainly NOT kitten sized.

Regardless Angel asked if she and her 14-year-old daughter could spend some time with Owen in his shelter.  Angel couldn’t help herself:

“We spent two hours with Owen getting to know him and allow him to get to know us as well to make sure we were a fit for him.”


Yup!  The Love at First Sight was confirmed and by the time the paper work was done – Owen was the last dog scheduled for the Pet Adoption Event.

Pet Adoption Event – A Hero’s Salute

Old Dog Who Was Last Of Nearly 600 Animals To Be Adopted Gets Hero’s Sendoff

ASPCA staff and volunteers gave Owen what they described on Twitter as “a hero’s send off as he walked out of the shelter, headed for his new furever home with Angel and her daughter.


Owen adjusted quickly to his new life as a special “special needs”, well-loved pet. Owen had decided that he is a lap dog and when one isn’t available Angel tells us that he spends his days “lounging on the first level of our home or out on our boat dock or out on the golf course,”







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Like many other special fur-babies, Owen and the family cat have even gotten close. Angel has even spotted them napping together.

There were a few health problems, but Owen tested negative for heart-worms and Angel smiles as she says that he has “the spunk of a puppy at times.”

Owen with his human sister.

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Owen with his two-legged sister.

There are few clues about Owen’s first 10 years.   He seems to like uniforms (like the one that Angel’s husband wears).  He gets excited and happy to see people wearing them.  Perhaps that indicates that his previous owner was in the military.

On the other hand, one person (not wearing a uniform) made Owen to nervous that he piddled.  Angel still doesn’t have a clue about what Owen was seeing that she wasn’t.

The one thing that Angel and Owen do agree on is that Owen has a furever home and they will share the love and joy.

Angel did report that Owen likes his creature comports.  While she was gone to the store, Owen swiped her blanket from her chair and cuddled up with it on his bed.  “He lacks for nothing.” said Angel with a smile.



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