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Meet Bamboo and Bambi and see how Love Conquers Fear for Dogs Abandoned by Owner

Meet Bamboo and Bambi and see how Love Conquers Fear for Dogs Abandoned by Owner(via 100AbandonedDogs)

The new year looked bleak for a pair of sweet dogs who were abandoned in a parking lot in South Florida.  Someone (who should NEVER be allowed to be near pets) drove up the parking lot, let the pair out and drove off.   The pair were reported over several days waiting patiently in the same spot.  Obviously hoping the person they loved would return and take them home.  Here is their story where  love conquers fear for dogs abandoned by owner.


STEP 1 – Capture ONE Dog

The 100+ Team went out to rescue the pair and as is often the case that was easier said then done.  Through persistence and dedication (and worrying through the night) the team finally managed to catch the male in a cage.   As you might suspect, the female was frightened and ran off.

STEP 2 – Capture the Female

After considerable and fruitless effort, the team decided to bring the male back to the parking lot.   They parked and opened the car door.

2016-11-08_14h11_39 Love Conquers Fear for Dogs Abandoned

(via Facebook)

The female immediately appeared and watched the car.  Her fear was quite evident.  After a while love conquered fear and she slowly approached the car.  Her fear of being separated outweighed her fear of strange humans.  She jumped into the car and the two were reunited.  As we saw, Love Conquers Fear for Dogs Abandoned by Owner.

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STEP 3 – Watch the LOVE 

Bamboo and Bambi reunited.  They won’t be separated again!



(via Facebook)


(via Facebook) 

Watch the YouTube Video to see the two cuddling.  The love reaches out from the screen and grabs you by the heart.  

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Step 4 – Find a fur-ever home for the pair.

posted February 8th, 2016

“Happiest of days!! Booboo and Bambi have found their angels!! Thank you so much Jon and David for opening your hearts and your home to these babies. . Bonded pair abandoned by their owner in a golden corral parking lot in Florida City.. .waiting for them to return..they don’t have to wait any longer! They are home! ”  (via Facebook)
100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida ♡




Bonded pair find love with each other and a new two-legs.

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We hope you enjoyed this article where Love Conquers Fear for Dogs Abandoned by Owner

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