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Invisible Dogs are Shelter Heartbreakers.


Not A Single Person Has Even Asked About This Heartbroken Shelter Dog

Invisible dogs: shelter heartbreakers across the country.

Mikey used to be one of the  unlucky ones.  The longest resident. The shelter heartbreaker.  The one no one sees.  No one wants. 

“I call him the invisible dog,” said Hempstead Town Animal Shelter volunteer Barbara Trevouledes “Not one person—not one—has even asked about him.”



Mikey, 4 years old, came into the Long Island shelter more than a year ago.  His sister, a smaller breed, came in with him and was adopted right away.  In Barbara’s words, “Mikey just shut down.”

The shelter can be stressful for any dog.  Mikey took it hard. In the beginning he was so miserable and crestfallen he often spent the entire day sleeping.  Perhaps hoping to wake up somewhere else.


For a long time, he wouldn’t even take treats from the volunteer’s hands.  Once he finally accepted a treat from Barbara’s outstretched palm, the moment was magic. He made eye contact with her.  For the first time since his arrival.  It was as though he was speaking.  “I’m so happy you’re here.”Mikey_04Source: © Cynthia Raven / Magical Mikey: An Invisible Dog
Barbara says of the moment “My heart burst.” She even thought she imagined it initially.
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But for all the progress made, he was also losing hope. He understood that he was unwanted.  Once, Barbara came into the shelter to find him lying down, his whole body shivering. “It wasn’t because he was cold,” she says. It’s because he was lonely, without a home. His body couldn’t handle the anxiety. “Mikey_02

“He’s giving up,” Barabara confesses. She then fell silent, taking a minute just to cry. There are some cases that even the most experienced volunteer can’t shrug off.  True shelter heartbreakers  Mikey was constantly panting.  The shelter staff wished for “the day when he finally takes a breath.”


While house broken, an indicator of a pet rather than a lifelong stray, “Nobody ever came looking for him.”

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The thing about “invisible” dogs—dogs who have been overlooked for so long— is that although they might be hard to find, they never lose sight of the real meaning of unconditional love. Shelter heartbreaker or not, If Mikey finds a family to call his own, that family will never spend another day without a wagging tail, a gentle kiss, an overturned belly. When Mikey loves you, says Barbara, “It’s the best feeling in the world.”


 Mikey was adopted in late August.  His facebook page, Magical Mikey, is now a general adoption page for the Hempstead Animal Shelter, a well as updates regarding Mikey.  They also publish information regarding other “invisible dogs” up for adoption across the country.

 Featured image via © Sophie Gamand / Magical Mikey: An Invisible Dog

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We hope you enjoyed this tale about overcoming with a service dog a job and compassion

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