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Ginny the Cat Rescue Dog, Saved Over 1,000 Cats


ginny Ginny the cat rescue dog

This is Ginny.  She was a rescue dog herself, but she was one with a mission in life.  Her mission was to save street cats who were in need.  The last estimate was that she rescued over 1,000 cats and kittens before she passed away in 2007.  However the legacy of Ginny the Cat Rescue Dog lives on through The Ginny Fund.

Ginny’s ability to sniff out these endangered street cats was something special.  Her owner even talks about her jumping from a moving car and running to a cardboard box.  Sure enough there was a disabled cat in desperate need of help.

He remembers the first time she showed him what she could do. She slipped her leash and ran to a pipe.  Sure enough five little kittens responded to her call and came out of the pipe.



ginny with kitten Ginny the cat rescue dog


She’s sniffed kitties out of dumpsters, glove compartments, and other unexpected places where they were trapped as well. She would paw and bark at cats in danger—she had a sixth sense for saving cats, and her human helped her carry out her mission  The Ginny Fund

Ginny was rescued herself.   Her owner, Philip, was injured on a construction site and was suffering from depression when he decided that adopting a dog might be just what he needed.  He found and adopted Ginny after her previous owner had abused and abandoned her.   Ginny’s obvious mission in life gave him a new purpose and they worked together until she passed.


ginny and phillip Ginny the cat rescue dog
Source: Animal Planet

Philip and Ginny were regular visitors at a local animal shelter.  They would drop by very week to deliver the cats that Ginny had rescued.  On virtually every visit Ginny would fall in love with her own cats, especially those with disability (like being blind or deaf.)  She would beg to take them home and of course Philip didn’t always say NO.

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Ginny passed in 2004 at the ripe old dog age of 17.  Even though she is gone,  her legacy lives on through The Ginny Fund.  This organization in her honor rescues cats on the streets of Long Island, New York and they still tells stories about Ginny the Cat Rescue Dog.


h/t via OneGreenPlanet + featured image via The Ginny Fund/Facebook

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