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When you describe the Boxer breed, you can start with short hair, short snout, medium sized and all that would be true.  Most people however would start by describing them as high energy clowns, who LOVE their people.

Breeders in Germany created the Boxer breed.  It was a mix of the Old English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser.  The breed is part of the Molosser group.


Bullenbeisser-(3) Boxer Breed

Bullenbeisser (Canis familiaris molossus hibernicus) Wood engraving, ca 1885

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Old English BulldogOldd English Bulldog Boxer Breed

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  • Coat – The Boxer breed’s coat is smooth and tight-fitting. They should be groomed every week.
  • Colors – Colors vary.  Most are fawn (brow).  Many are brindled, with or without white markings, which may cover the entire body.  Another group are mostly white (18% of which are deaf.)
  • Head – The head is the most distinctive feature of the Boxer. They have a short muzzle, very powerful jaws, and have the longest tongues among dogs.  (The better to lick you with my dear!)
  • Lifespan –Their lifespan ranges between 10 to 15 years.
  • Intelligence – Boxers are a bright and energetic.  Their most notable trait is that the ARE playful.  They tend to be very good with children.
  • Exercise – Boxers are active, strong dogs and require an 30 minute exercise to prevent boredom.
  • Temperament – By nature, The Boxer breed is not aggressive or vicious. It is an instinctive guardian and usually becomes very attached to its family. Like all dogs, it requires proper socialization.  Also like all dogs they can be trained to be mean, but it is not their natural temperament.

The video below will give you a good introduction to the Boxer breed.  You will see some facts and see them in action.  I will note that Boxer owners tend to love the breed and readily tell you that their next dog “will be a boxer.”

Here are a few facts before you start:

  1. The Boxer breed are not outdoor dogs.  Their short hair doesn’t do much to protect them from summer heat or winter cold.
  2. Boxers tend to have a very long puppy-hood.  They aren’t really considered to be mature until about 3 years old.  Studies show that they have to longest puppy-hood of any breed.
  3. Boxers are bright, curious and very high energy.  They make great guard dogs.
  4. Boxers need a leader.  Make sure you are the boss.
  5. With proper socialization Boxers get along well with other family pets (including pets that are not dogs).   Socialized Boxers are great with kids.
  6. As with most breeds there are some health problems like Mast Cell Tumors, arthritis, Hip Displasia and thyroid problems.
  7. Boxers need time and energy from their owners.  They need exercise.
  8. The origin of the name Boxer has several contenders.  One is the stance many will take where they stand on their hind legs and paw at things – somewhat like a person who is boxing.

Regardless – boxers will bond with your family and become “one of the kids.”

The Boxer breed is special.  Their ability to say “I love you” in a way that leaves no doubt in your mind is unparalleled.    If you have the time, energy and a place for them to play, boxers should be high on your list of candidates when looking for a dog.  BTW  Don’t believe me, ask a Boxer owner!

We hope you enjoyed the Boxer Breed

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